Battery Bumper (o ring)

Battery Bumper (o ring)

Product Information

Added to the body of 18mm bored bodies, this ring protects the wrappers on batteries when the light they are in is dropped.

 Installation is a simple process:

  1. Remove tailcap, battery, bezel, and drop in
  2. Push the ring in from the top/bezel end, past the ridge/shelf/lip
  3. Insert an 18mm battery from the bottom/tail end
  4. Slowly press the battery against the ring, pushing it up to the shelf
  5. Tap the battery against the ring several more times to ensure fit (also slowly or just hold thumb over tail end and shake body up and down)
  6. Verify from the top that the ring has not slipped past the shelf (if so, begin again at step 2)


To remove, remove bezel, reach in from the top, and pull the ring past the shelf and out


Note: this ring is automatically installed/included on all hosts and bodies we ship.

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