Custom Knurled Aluminum DPC TailCap

Custom Knurled Aluminum DPC TailCap

Product Information

Custom Knurled Aluminum DPC Tailcap

Get your light inside your pocket with our Deep Pocket Carry Tailcap. Carved from solid Aluminum, then finished off with the same HA finish and knurl pattern as our Custom ExtendersThese are compatible with SureFire® P, C, Z, and most M series bodies.  Sized to replace the Z41 in all applications. 

Made longer to reduce gap wth body without lengthening your light:



  • Z41 Thread compatibility
  • Z41 Switch compatibility, including McClicky and ZeroRez
  • Z41 Boot compatibility, including our complete line of hardpress and softpress
  • TorchLAB Moddoolar Flashlight System
  • SureFire® 3P, 6P, 9P
  • SureFire® C2, C3, Z2, Z3
  • SureFire® M2, M3, and M4
  • SureFire® U2, D2, D3
  • Malkoff Devices MD3 and MD4
  • Leef bodies (C tail)
  • AW Soft Start version B



Switches & Boots

Our Custom Knurled Aluminum caps are a tailcap platform.  Offering complete flexibility, you may select the precise switch and boot configuration you would like us to install, by selecting from the option menus below.  Have your own or partial switch you want to install yourself, select Empty (0) from the Switch menu. 

Preinstalled custom McClickys have one switch (by McGizmo), one OVEREADY brass switch adapter ring, and one boot in a choice of colors: black, orange, green, or pink.  Choose hardpress for maximum security or softpress for the ultimate ease of use.  Can't decide, pick both (extra boot).  An one extra boot can be added here.  See our Parts page for even more options.  Please note: Alternate boot options are not possible wth SF Twisty or ZeroRez switches.

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Product Options:

Stainless Clip
Tail Switch
Xtra Boot

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