Real time installation service for SureFire®

Real time installation service for SureFire®

Product Information

Oveready Installation Service (real time)

Installation is automatic and free when adding upgrades to lights purchased here.  This is for lights you already own.  Order this service and return shipping, add in what you want installed from the list below, then ship your SF flashlight to us to put it all in for you.  One $4 service fee includes up to 100% of options for a single light (bezel/body/tailcap).  Purchase multiple quantities for multiple lights.


Special notes: Send in only bezel, body, and tailcap as needed for options selected.  Each unit of 'service' purchased includes up to one of each for a maximum of 3 parts per unit.  Order multiple quantities for multiple lights.

Services on this page do not include boring.  See our Batch Based Bore Service for bore work.

Models older than 10 years may not support bezel ring or switch upgrades

Models supported: 6P, 9P, C2, C3, Z2, Z3, D2, D3

Product Options:

Bezel Ring
Tail Switch
U/S Cleaning

Product Code: real-time-install

Quantity: Add to Basket

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