TorchLAB McClicky Self Installation Clicky Kit for Z41 (P/C/Z/G/X*)

TorchLAB McClicky Self Installation Clicky Kit for Z41 (P/C/Z/G/X*)

Product Information

 Z41 McClicky Kit

Surefire P, C, Z, and G series lights come standard with Z41 tailcaps:  momentary silent-on button with a twist-the-tail-cap for full on.  This includes the G2X Tactical, 6PX Tactical, Z2X, G2ZX, and P2X Fury (A versions). X series lights that already have clicky caps (B version) cannot be upgraded without changing the tailcap.

Our self installation kit* replaces all this with easy to use one button functionality. Lightly press the button momentary silent-on function and firmly press the button for an audible click that indicates it is fully on (aka, forward clicky).

Each kit* includes one McClicky switch (by McGizmo), one OVEREADY brass switch adapter ring by Moddoo, and one boot in a choice of colors: black, hunter orange, toxic green, or pale pink.  Choose hardpress for maximum security or softpress for the ultimate ease of use.  Or try out new medium boot (MEDpress) for that just right feeling.  Up to one extra boot can be added here.  See our Parts page for even more options.

Please review our Installation Instructions before purchase.


And again before starting the installation process. Tailcaps are not included but the OVEREADY McClicky Kit* is available pre-installed in a variety of tailcap hosts (see our tailcaps part section).

We guarantee our kit up to 5 amps, more than double the factory Z59 rating.  Note: amps over 3 will heat the spring!


Not compatible with Z58 or Z59 tailcaps (nor vintage twisty caps where the mechnism falls out on its own)

This item is assembled from parts made in &



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Reviews / Comments

Perfect upgrade
"Great upgrade to your SureFire twisty switch. Easy insta ll as well."
Mar 26 2017, 20:14 PM
by Mike
Love it!
"I had an old G2 Nitrolon that I wanted to use as a weapon light. I installed the McClicky kit with a toxic green softpress boot and now the old G2 is the perfect attachment for my HD shotgun. The old "twist on" switch would not work well for this purpose. Now it's much easier to ID the switch and activate the light."
Mar 13 2017, 21:46 PM
by DM
Straight forward and well worth it!
"I just installed this into my wife's " take the dog out" yellow G2X and we are both pleased. Don't let the directions scare you off its really straight forward and simple. I will say that I saw a tip on YouTube about using a hair dryer as the heat source and it worked awesome. The whole process took less then 5 minutes."
Nov 22 2015, 18:45 PM
by Clay Neal
Worth every penny
"Installed in G2X tactical. The kit was easy to install and has an excellent feel during operation. I like the kit enough that I am going to order a second kit for my backup light."
Oct 30 2014, 19:55 PM
by Chris
Awesome Switch!
"I was getting tired of twisting my tail cap of my Surefire 9P and was looking to modify the existing cap as it was brand new. I have read a lot about these switches on the net and heard highly of them. To my surprise this switch is awesome! Easy to install and my SF 9P is ready for the Triple Cree XP-G LED drop-in."
Apr 10 2011, 19:14 PM
by Noxide400
Great Stuff
"I, being a genuine SureFire junkie, was a little sceptical about McClicky switch. Always found purchase of 6DL (for Z59 tailcap) on eBay more acceptable than aftermarket switch installation. But after a lot reading on CPF, ordered one set from Oveready. This thing is FANTASTIC. Went back and ordered two more. Simple and reliable. The feel is great with both SoftPress and HardPress, HardPress preferable."
Nov 13 2010, 02:10 AM
by Tarik Tanovic

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