Smooth Delrin Bezel Rings for SureFire Z44 (tool install)

Smooth Delrin Bezel Rings for SureFire Z44 (tool install)

Product Information

Smooth Delrin Bezel Rings for SureFire Z44

These beautiful bezel rings in white or black Delrin, protect your bezel from drops, scrapes, and other impacts.

  • Compatible with all P, C, Z, and G series lights (excluding X series)
  • Protective bezel ring, made of engineered plastic, 1 gram
  • Please specify white or black (white is semi translucent)
  • When installing this on aluminum G series bezels (G2L, etc), a pyrex or UCL lens is recommended to replace the thinner lexan lens
  • Rings purchased as options along with lights and Z44 bezels, will be installed before shipment
  • Not compatible with vintage (Laser Products) bezels lacking bezel threads

Extra Note: rings ship from the factory with GID O rings. These O rings have a larger diameter than SF lenses and may not create a proper seal when used with SF bezels. All of our bezel rings ship with a custom fit, black mil-spec O ring, to be installed under the lens in place of the flat factory O ring.  Original GID O rings are available by request at no extra charge.

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