BOSS 35+70 Clicky - Vintage Brass (combo)

BOSS 35+70 Clicky - Vintage Brass (combo)

Product Information

TorchLAB BOSS 35+70 Clicky - Vintage Brass

Control the Dark with the TorchLAB Bright Output Small Size (BOSS). More light, more strength, less size, retro-future styling. The ultimate in EDC convenience, comfort, and power. Stonewashed to kickstart your unique brass patina process (with silver hardware for contrast).

Includes one v5 head, one 18350 body with clip, and one 18650 body with clip:


Weights and Measures (no cells):



  • Carved from solid brass for a personalized finish
  • V5 Triple engine with thermally-enhanced metal core PCB
  • Triad tail shape for both tailstanding and easy thumb access
  • Tapered body for superb grip and directional awareness
  • Longitudinal channels and divots for rotational traction
  • Secure carry with extra thick stainless steel pocket clip
  • Custom T10 extra thick AlTiN coated titanium screws

  • McClicky switch with sheltered medium-press boot
  • Solid brass electrical contact surfaces
  • Acme threads with extra tall thread wall

  • Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber primary oring
  • Shock isolated UCL glass lens
  • Self charging glow-in-the-dark flashlight locator ring

  • Battery protection with double spring cell isolation
  • Switch protecting battery bumpers for extreme shocks
  • Shock and vibration tolerant materials and components





model: BOSS 35 BOSS 70 BOSS 70
battery: one 18350 one 18650/3000 two 18350
H level: 17w - 1900L3 17w - 1900L3 30w - 3500L3
H runtime: 20+ min typical4 75+ min typical4 20+ min typical4


1 Cell

Name Letter Level # Power
Miliwatts Lumens
red R     6  
dim D 1 0.005% 1.5 0.18
low L 14 0.6% 180 20
medium M 21 10% 3000 346
high H 28 55% 17000 1933


2 Cells
Name Letter Level # Power
Miliwatts Lumens
red R     6  
dim D 1 0.005% 1.5 0.18
low L 16 1.4% 400 46
medium M 24 22% 6500 758
high H 33 100% 30000 3498


  1. TorchLAB BOSS decides its own max output every time you use it
    output is controled in real time by temperature and voltage monitors
    the hotter the environment and less the airflow, the lower the output and the longer the runtime. the colder the environment and the more the airflow, the higher the output and the shorter your runtime
  2. values for initial settings, channels can be changed or disabled
    values are for XPL, 219B values are less (21w max)
  3. lumens rated from the LED, at 25C. OTF will be less
  4. stretch and battery protection turned on, see FG for more examples


Programmable Board Features:

  1. 0.18 lumen low: (weeks of candle bright runtime)
  2. 3500 lumen high: near 20,000x higher higher high than lowest low
  3. Battery swap mode groups (independent 1 and 2 cell modes)
  4. As few as 1 mode per group (1+1) and up to 4 per group (4+4)
  5. Program modes from among 33 white levels plus red (3+1 LEDs)
  6. SOS, strobe, and beacon (defaults are off).
    Beacon can be red or white with adjustable timing
  7. Mode memory: Off - On - Hybrid (default is off)
    Hybrid stores the last mode but cycles from mode 1 on the next change
  8. Battery stretch starts reducing output at 3.2v, down to 0.5w (default on)
    Until overdischarge protection kicks in at 2.8v (default is on)
  9. Bounce protection switches to red when to much light is reflected
    It also gives you direct access to red, as a 9th (4+4+1) mode (default off)
  10. Supports 1x ICR/IMR, 2x ICR/IMR, 2x CR123 (CR123 selected in advance)
    CR123 reduces output, changes stretch to 2.25v, & disables overdischarge
  11. CR123 can be used in emergencies without advanced programming.
    Just limit use to RDLM modes (levels 22 and 25 - under 5 watts per cell)
  12. Change temperature ceiling: 65C > 60C > 55C > 50C > 45C > 40C > 35C > 30C


Universal Board Features:

  1. Custom high effeciency boost driver and board
  2. Per cell battery voltage blink out (111 PIN)
  3. Serial number blink out with specs and firmware history (222 PIN)
  4. Dual light channels, 30w (3x white) + 7ma (1x red or amber)
  5. No PWM - sound and flicker free operation at all power levels
  6. Input voltage range from 2.5v to 8.8v (1-2 cells)
  7. Fully qualified between -40 and 248F (-40 and 120C)
  8. Reversed battery polarity protection
  9. Under and over voltage protection (2.5/8.8v)
  10. Adaptive temperature control (reduces output only 1/33rd as needed)
  11. Integrated thermal safety protection at 65C (149F)
  12. Integrated thermal overheating protection at 120C (248F)
  13. Shock proof materials, components, and design



1) Choose secondary LED (amber or red):

2) Choose primary LED (XPL for lumens, 219 for color, 4500k is neutral, 4000k is warm)

3) Choose initial modes for 1 and 2 cells (can be programmed after delivery)

4) Special Instructions: GID change, optic change, loosen the bezel, etc (delays shipment)


Reviews:, October 2016, February 2017

ZeroAir, May 2017


Battery Notes:

Cells not included, see options menus below for recommended cells

Do not use CR123 above Medium (10% on one cell, 22% on two)

IMR/INR recommended - use only cells rated above 6 amps

Avoid cells with inflated capacity values (non INR 1200mah 18350, etc)

Stretch mode on and recommended for end of runtime taper



  • Do not leave unattended while running on high
  • IMR18350 are recommended minimum.
  • This light creates excessive heat
  • This light may cause eye damage
  • This light may burn the skin at close range
  • This light may cause combustibles to ignite
  • This light is not a toy, keep away from children



Metal components made in  

Electronics made in

Design & CAD - Tom
 Engineering - Tom
Machining - Craig
Electronics - Serge
- Dan


Product Options:

Head / Engine
Special Instructions

Product Code: TL-BOSScombBR

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