BOSS Bezel Wrench Set (pair)

BOSS Bezel Wrench Set (pair)

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TorchLab BOSS Bezel Wrench Set

Tough yet soft, our solid nylon wrenches are the perfect tool for opening and resealing your BOSS heads to factory specifications. These are only needed if you want both to keep your BOSS as tight as possible and to swap optics and lenses at will.


  1. Clean your head of oils and dirt
  2. Remove your head from the body
  3. Place tools over the head (hold open slightly)
  4. Align tools near seam between top and bottom (see photo)
  5. Squeezing both handles, rotate tools left/top, right/bottom
  6. Remove tools and hand open heatsink from bezel ring
  7. Clean off any debris on the threads
  8. Change out parts
  9. Hand tighten heatsink and bezel ring
  10. Place tools over the head (hold open slightly)
  11. Align tools nearest to seams
  12. Squeezing both handles, rotate tools right/top, left/bottom
  13. Release pressure and remove tools
  14. Check for fit/alignment, tighten more as needed



  • When replacing glass or rings, clean threads before installing
  • Nylon material is non maring for HA, be gentle with other finishes



This item is made in

 Engineering - Tom

QC/Logistics - Dan


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