BOSS Parts Page

BOSS Parts Page

Product Information

Have parts standing by and within easy reach for your BOSS


  • BOSS ship with clear narrow optics
  • Bumpers sit stacked inside the body and protect the switch
  • Boot is installed first, then the frame seals around the boot
  • GID ring goes into bezel ring after (below) lens, can be black
  • Lens goes between GID and Lens ring (see O ring menu)
  • Green O ring goes over body threads, lens ring above lens
  • Optics ship in reusable protective storage container*
  • Screws are sold in pairs (2)
  • Switch threads in and can be tighened with split ring pliers
  • Bold items are new/unique/custom


Free spares case: select over $20 in non clip parts

*need a full set of optics, check out our Spares Case page

Product Options:

Battery Bumper
GID Ring
O ring
Tail Switch

Product Code: TL-parts-BS

In Stock: 62

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