AW IMR 18350 Rechargeable Battery

AW IMR 18350 Rechargeable Battery

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AW 18350 Lithium Manganese (IMR)

There are 3 categories of rechargeable lithium cells:

  1. Red cell, safe/unprotected (IMR - available from Oveready)
  2. Black cell, unsafe/protected (LiCo with PCB - available from Oveready)
  3. Blue cell, unsafe/unprotected (LiCo without PCB - not available from Oveready)

The 2nd type are popular because they offer the most capacity while being safer to use than type 3. But PCBs use electronics which can break under extreme conditions and like a circuit breaker in your home, PCBs can turn off your cell when you least expect it - sometimes permanetly. 

AW Lithium Manganese (IMR) rechargeable 18350:

  • Are safer (not needing circuits)
  • Work when you need them (extreme reliability)
  • Are ideally suited for high power applications (over 6 amps)
  • Deliver faster discharge rates


More Power. Go Green. Save Money.

  • 18 mm Width
  • 35 mm Length
  • 3.7 Nominal Volts (4.2v peak)
  • Not compatible with unmodified SF bodies

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