XTAR SV2 ROCKET Lithium Charger (10440 to 32650, AC+DC)

XTAR SV2 ROCKET Lithium Charger (10440 to 32650, AC+DC)

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XTAR SV2 ROCKET Lithium Charger

More Power. Go Green. Save Money. Recharge your batteries where ever, whenever you need. ROCKET SV2 is the first two-bay Li-ion & Ni-MH fast-charging charger with 2A and compatible with D/32650 size. It only takes 1.5hrs to fully charge 2pcs 2500mAh batteries, 6hrs to fully charge 2pcs 10000mAh batteries (the other charger takes 12hrs). ROCKET also provides 4 charge currents for you to choose the suitable one to maximize battery life. Equipped with an innovative LCD screen and two slots fit all kinds of batteries including 10440 to 32650, AAAA to D size.













Batteries Not Included

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XTAR's take longer to get through customs, 6-8 weeks delivery to some countries

Battery sizes are described with a 5 digit number, digits 1 & 2 are the diameter (in mm), and digits 3 & 4 are the length (in mm). So a 16340 is 34mm long and 16mm in diameter while an 18650 is 65mm long and 18mm in diameter.

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