Aluminum Battery Spacers (8/15mm)

Aluminum Battery Spacers (8/15mm)

Product Information

Aluminum Battery Spacers for Lithium Chargers and Flashlights

Spacers do a variety of things. Used with chargers, spacers allow you to charge smaller cells than would otherwise fit.

Used in flashlights, spacers allow you to subtract length and/or voltage.



8mm spacer - bare aluminum (risk of short, never use in flashlight)

allows charging of 10280 cells in chargers designed for 34mm cells


15mm spacer - bare aluminum (risk of short, never use in flashlight)

allows charging of 34/35mm cells in chargers designed for 50mm cell

allows charging of 10180 cells in charges designed for 34mm cells



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Product Code: AW-Bat-Sp

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