Custom Elzetta AVS Bravo 18650 - 900L

Custom Elzetta AVS Bravo 18650 - 900L

Product Information

Elzetta AVS Bravo - Bored

A key challenge with larger LEDs is how to harness all that light. At the same diameter, optics focus better than reflectors. But they're not easy to find in the right size. Elzetta met this challenge with a versitile system of interchangeable components. Unscrew the bezel ring and swap out optics anytime, for a whole new light. To this, we have added 18mm cell capability. With the same voltage (under load) as 3x123 cells (not even possible at this size), 2x18350's provide both full AVS output and rechargeability, in the same compact package. And you can still use 123's as needed.

  • 900 lumens with 2x18350 (recommended)
  • 600 lumens on 2x123, 500 lumens on 1x18650 (long declining output)
  • XML2 with single level driver (see tailcaps for mode options)
  • Factory Type III Black anodized aluminum finish
  • Body bored to accept two 18350 or one 18650 cell
  • 2 Bezel Options
  • 3 Optic Options
  • 5 Functional Tailcap Options


Runtimes (green line is the same on both)

* (graphs courtesy of









  • Momentary activation is achieved by pressing the pushbutton lightly.
  • Constant On is achieved by pressing the pushbutton firmly until it 'Clicks'.
  • Pressing firmly again will Click the Light off.


  • Activation is achieved exactly like the Clicky Tailcap  in either the High or Low mode.
  • High Output occurs when the Tailcap is rotated fully Clockwise (screwed all the way on).


  • The High/Strobe Tailcap operates exactly like the High/Low Tailcap only a high-frequency Strobe replaces the 'Low' mode.
  • The simple user interface requires no multiple clicks to operate, no confusing menus to navigate, and no precise movements or detents to manipulate.
  • Unlike competitive units, this Tailcap does not draw any current when not in use and will not drain batteries while in storage.
  • The Strobe function can disorient an assailant and is an excellent option for self defense.

Remote Tape Switch with 5-inch Cable

  • The Remote Tape Switch provides operation of the light via a molded pressure pad.
  • Elzetta's unique constant-on feature allows hands-free operation.
  • Fail-safe constant-on feature remains fully functional even if pressure pad is damaged or cable is severed.
  • 5-inch cable works well with vertical foregrips & applications where hand placement is near the flashlight.


Rotary tailcaps are not compatible with bored Elzetta bodies

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Product Options:

Bezel - 1st
Bezel - 2nd
Head / Engine
Optic - 1st
Tail Cap

Product Code: ELZAVS2


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