Spektrum Blue-Light Blocking Clip Ons

Spektrum Blue-Light Blocking Clip Ons

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Spektrum Blue-Light Blocking Clip Ons

Readiness is handling what life throws at you. Some of this we can see, some of this we can't. The color makeup fo the light around you sounds pretty incidental until you understand how it can affect your sleep patterns. Our modern world is full of lights that have increasingly blue tints to them. This is the same color your body uses to wake you up in the morning but it will work just as well of keeping you up at night. You can turn off bulbs, TVs, and devices that emit this light but its so tempting to keep going. Now you can have your light and keep out the blue at the same time.

For maximum benefit, put them on when the sun goes down. But put them on at least when sneaking an update after getting in bed.

  • Available in clear and amber
  • Go with amber for maximum protection
  • Go wth clear for color work
  • Includes storage/carry case


Note: These are not a fix all.  There are many causes of delayed sleep and these glasses address only one. To see if they would be helpful, spend a week with minimal or only yellow lighting after dark. If you start yawning sooner than usual, blue light may be affecting you.

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