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Many of our configurations feature two metals, aluminum for most of the flashlight, reducing weight and maximizing heat transfer. And steel in or above the head to take the brunt of head-first impacts. This is a cost efficient way of putting each metal where its most needed. But this approach is based on standard soft aluminum. 6061 is the aluminum found everywhere: ladders, cans, foil, bicycles, aircraft, and most flashlights. When marketers say ‘aircraft grade’, they are describing the metal used for the skin that covers the wings and fuselage.

But what if aluminum could be as strong as some steel? 7075 is about 90% stronger than 6061 and is the aluminum reserved for high stress applications. Aircraft fittings, shafts, teeth gears, worm gears, and missile parts. Aerospace and defense equipment, including the M16 rifle, rely on it for when the going gets tough. So what does this mean for flashlights? Durability approaching steel and titanium, less weight than steel or titanium, thermal and electrical conductivity superior to steel and titanium, and a natural anodize color that can be described as OD green.

It costs more and color/shade matching makes it a tricky choice for multi use parts, but its ideal when durability is key and all parts are made from the same stuff. Before we start making flashlights with 7075, we’re expanding our battery capsule selection. Introduced in titanium and later reborn in delrin. Now available in black and natural HA 7075, with our first ever Acme Speed Threads and Quad orings:



Not to be outdone, we have one more new Delrin model to introduce. The Extended 18350:



Almost since the beginning, we've been cutting and finishing Surefire A19 extenders for use with 18350 and 18500. Small and versitile, they go with just about everything and look good doing it. But some years back, the base part on which our parts depend, disappeared. But that hasn't stopped folks wanting them, so we're bringing them back. But if you're going to make an extender from scratch, why not also make the first ever 18650 version as well. Presenting our first extenders in both 35 and 65mm lengths, in all of your favorite finishes:



Insider 51 introduced several variants of the custom 6P. But as hosts only. We've been getting requests to offer them as bodies as well. So introducing the newest members of the Body Parts Store. The last includes options for red and blue:

Extra Notes:

We've added a new section, making easy to find your favorite metals

HDS Rotary 219 are ready to ship

XPE2 Triple drop ins are ready to ship

Small optic eiger heads are ready to ship in brass and stainless

18650/3400 are ready to ship

Bulk SF 123 cells are ready to ship