Moddoolar C Series Interface (P60/D26)

Moddoolar C Series Interface (P60/D26)

Product Information

Moddoolar C Series Interface (P60/D26)

By themselves,
Moddoolar bodies work with Moddoolar heads.  Add the C Series interface and your Cell Tube instantly works with all P60 style drop ins.

C Series Interface Adaptors Feature:

  • Compatiblity with all SufireFire P, C, and Z heads
  • SureFire® Z44 bezel threads
  • Compatibility with popular P60 sized LED and incan lamps and drop-ins
  • Anti reflective (semi gloss) finish
  • Tough 2 mil type III (HA) anodize coating in black or natural gray
  • O-ring position engages threads before reaching the seal, for easy bezel use
  • Interface adjustability eliminates of gaps with your drop-ins:




This item is made in

Design & Engineering   Tom
Machining - Craig
QC & Logistics
- Dan



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Product Code: Mod-P60

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