Moddoolar Head Triple v4 Wasp (15w)

Moddoolar Head Triple v4 Wasp (15w)

Product Information

Moddoolar Head Triple H3 Wasp

Control the Dark. Simplicity, performance, reliablitiy - in one tiny package

World's only open airflow flashlight:


Custom molded self charging (GID) optic frame:



  • 3 mode operation: high -> medium -> low -> high -> medium -> low ->
  • Turn power off, then on again within 3 seconds to change to the next level
  • Turn power off, then on again after 4 seconds to reset back to high
  • Automatically resets to high after power cycle exceeding 5 seconds (off/on) or battery change
  • Available in one of two mode sequences, HML or LMH:




  • Shock isolated UCL glass lens (window)
  • Integrated 304 grade stainless steel protective bezel ring
  • Body + Head + Tail  vs  Bezel + Drop in + Throat + Body + Tail
  • 3/8 inch shorter than equivalent 18mm P60 based setups:




  • Hard anodized finish for superior thermal emissivity and durability
  • Shock and vibration tolerant materials and components
  • Gold plated copper contact surfaces
  • Silver plated berryllium copper spring
  • Shock proof materials, components, and design
  • 22 gauge mil-spec wire with 19 strand, silver-plated copper conductors, teflon insulated




  • Fully regulated output between 4.8 and 9.5 volts
  • Below 4.8v it drops out of regulation and continues running until about 3v
  • Cell count detection and monitoring
  • Output reduces to 10% at 3.4V (10% capacity remaining)
  • Battery protection cuts all output at 3.0V
  • Mode changes have a subtle transition effect (brief soft shifting)
  • Mode changes allow button presses as fast a 1/4 of a second
  • 93% efficient driver with 2 lithium ion cells
  • Thermally-Enhanced Metal Core PCB
  • Integrated thermal safety protection at 65C (149F)
  • Integrated thermal overheating protection at 120C (248F)
  • Shock proof materials, components, and design
  • Suitable for use in weapon mounted lights
  • Multiple independent LEDs for more output than single LED designs (even at the same wattage)



Choose Nichia 219B for smooth beam and best color rendition

900 lumens:

  • TL35 with 1x18350
  • TL50 with 1x18500
  • TL65 with 1x18650

1300 lumens:

  • TL65 with 2x18350
  • TL100 with 2x18500
  • TL130 with 2x18650


Choose CREE XPL for maximum output and tigher beam

1300 lumens:

  • TL35 with 1x18350
  • TL50 with 1x18500
  • TL65 with 1x18650

2100 lumens:

  • TL65 with 2x18350
  • TL100 with 2x18500
  • TL130 with 2x18650


Optional Trit Slots

6 linear cut Trit slots (2 x 8mm trits available here)


Power Levels:

Run from 2 cells, total current to the LEDs is fully regulated and does not change while the cells drain:

  • High 4500mA
  • Medium 1350mA (30%)
  • Low 45mA (1%)

Run from a single cell, total current to the LEDs is about 30% lower and will change some as the cell drains:

  • High 3000mA
  • Medium 900mA
  • Low 30mA


  • Competitor amp values are usually power from the battery.  All values above are power to the LEDs.
  • Competing configurations loose considerable power in the driver, reducing potential output
  • Single cell values are approximate and dependent on the voltage sag of the particular cell being used


Recommended Switches:

  • Surefire Z41 with SF Twisty or Zero Rez or ZRS or McClicky
  • Moddoolar Triad with SF Twisty or Zero Rez or ZRS or McClicky
  • Zero Rez does not increase output
  • McClicky's should be MEDpress or HARDpress with unsheltered boot (ie, Z41)


  • Do not leave unattended while running on high
  • Do not run primary CR123 on high (100%). The boost driver will drain them harder and harder until the cells overheat, and may explode.
  • IMR18350 are recommended minimum.
  • This light creates excessive heat
  • This light may cause eye damage
  • This light may burn the skin at close range
  • This light may cause combustibles to ignite
  • This light is not a toy, keep away from children



Name                   Voltage      2cell (1cell)*       Modes       Tint

Triple/Mod H3        1-2 cells     2100L (1300L)        H-M-L        XPL

Triple/Mod H3n        1-2 cells     1300L (900L)        H-M-L      Neutral 219 (4500K)

 * Lumen outputs are LED rated values based on power, out the front values will be less


Universal Name Key: LEDcount / Format [space] Power Modes Tint
      (not all options available on all models or formats)

LEDcount: 1 (single) or 3 (triple)
Format: 60 (drop in) or Mod (head)
Power: L (10w) or H (15w)
Modes: 1 (high) or 3 (high, medium, low)
Tint: C (cool) or N (neutral) or W (warm)


Version History

  • 4.00 - add H (15w) model
  • 4.00 - add cell count detection (1 or 2)
  • 4.00 - add low voltage reduction (10% at 3.4v per cell)
  • 4.00 - add low voltage cutoff (0% at 3.0v per cell)
  • 4.00 - add thermal protection (10% at 65C)
  • 3.10 - add reverse cell protection
  • 3.10 - reduce intervals for mode changes & resets
  • 3.10 - add brief softstart to each mode
  • 3.10 - first version 


This item is made in &

Design & CAD - Tom
 Engineering - Tom
Machining - Craig
Electronics - Serge
- Dan


Product Options:

Bezel Ring
Head / Engine
Head Style

Product Code: TL-ModHead-H3

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