NyoGel 760G™ Damping Grease (2cc tube)

NyoGel 760G™ Damping Grease (2cc tube)

Product Information

760G™ Dielectric Lubricant for Metal to Metal Electrical Contact Seal

 NyoGel 760G™ 2cc for Travel and Testing Size.

 760G: 2cc 5g 10cc 25g 50g 500g 1000g sizes of a silica thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease for lubrication and great environmental and corrosion protection, extending the life of your flashlight components.

  • Noise dampening lubricant
  • UV dye for inspection
  • Copper passivator for enhanced corrosion prevention
  • Temperature rated for -40°C to 135°C
  • Non-conductive designed to lubricate conductive surfaces
  • OVEREADY applies 760G to every chassis we ship


  • Lubricating head and tail threads
  • Lubricating o-rings
  • Refreshing Rubber Grip Rings*
  • Refreshing Nitrolon (G series) Finishes*
  • Makes CeraKote easier to keep clean*

* Apply a thin layer, wipe off excess with a dry, nubby cloth.

Other uses include Drones, Radios, Radio Controlled Cars (RAC), Radio Controlled Airplanes (RAA), Radio Controlled Boat (RAB), Radio Controlled Ships (RAS), Radio Controlled Sailboats, Watches, Electronics, Gears. Really any hobby or professional use in need of lube.

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