Copper Peak Eiger AAA/10440

Copper Peak Eiger AAA/10440

Product Information

Copper Peak Eiger AAA/10440

A slim, streamlined hand full of light. Easy to use, easy to carry, Peak's Mountain series flashlights are ready when and where you need them.

Solid copper for extra mass and fastest heat obsorption and transfer. Will form patia to a personalized appearance.

State of the art CREE XPG2 emitter for over 200 lumens (100% power with lithium cell and cool LED). Upgrade to Nichia 219 for the ultimate color experience.

Optional quantum Tunneling Composite (QTC) built into the body, ramps power levels without the need for electronic controls.  QTC is a special material that releases more energy the more it is compressed.  Output also ramps logarithmically, increasing faster as you get closer to 100%.  Compression can come from tightening the head or (if equiped) a momentary switch, in the same light.  Combined, the head can be set to low with momentary bursts to full output with the twitch of your thumb.  QTC regulated lights do not exhibit the pulsing found on standard Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) regulated lights.



Short/Keychain Equiped - tighten to activate, continue to tighten for full output, loosen to reduce output, continue to loosen to deactivate

Momentary Equiped - tighten to activate, continue to tighten for full output, loosen to reduce output, continue to loosen to deactivate plus press for quick ramping or burst of output to all levels, with quick return to off plus tighten for low/medium, then press for full/burst, release for auto return to low/medium


3 Battery Options:

Ready to use, single cell flashlight, supports 2 different battery types:

  • Alkaline AAA (easy to find)
  • NiMH rechargeable AAA (eneloop recommended)
  • 10440 lithion ion rechargeable (maximum lumens)


Head Options:

Mule Head - A perfect, broad, artifact free beam. Really, truely a perfect beam. Late night walks are a joy.

Small Optic Head - Clear narrow optic for the most throw possible in an Eiger diameter


Body Options:

Short + Keychain - fixed loop integrated into the end of the body (lug)

Lug bodies are not compatible with momentary switches



This item is made in

Machining - John and Curt
Electronics / Soldering - Curt, Mark and Kyle
Optics - Robyn or Derrick
Epoxy - Robyn
Assembly / Testing - Dan and Sarah


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