Stainless Peak Logan 17500/AA

Stainless Peak Logan 17500/AA

Product Information

Stainless Peak Logan 17500/AA

A hand full of light. Easy to use, easy to carry, Peak's Mountain series flashlights are ready when and where you need them.

Type III (HA) aluminum body for toughness. Stainless steel head for even more.

State of the art CREE XPG2 emitter for over 300 lumens (100% power with lithium cell and cool LED).

Optional quantum Tunneling Composite (QTC) built into the body, ramps power levels without the need for electronic controls.  QTC is a special material that releases more energy the more it is compressed.  Compression can come from tightening the head or (if equiped) a momentary switch, in the same light.  Combined, the head can be set to low with momentary bursts to full output with the twitch of your thumb.  QTC regulated lights do not exhibit the pulsing found on standard Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) regulated lights.



Short/Keychain Equiped - tighten to activate, continue to tighten for full output, loosen to reduce output, continue to loosen to deactivate

Momentary Equiped - tighten to activate, continue to tighten for full output, loosen to reduce output, continue to loosen to deactivate plus press for quick ramping or burst of output to all levels, with quick return to off plus tighten for low/medium, then press for full/burst, release for auto return to low/medium.  3.0 volts cells recommended for full output from QTC + momentary.


Head Options:

  • Mule - maximum flood, perfect beam, shorter package - close area lighting only
  • Large Optic - maximum throw, tight beam - best for distance uses
  • All head options are stainless steel


Body Options:

Short - minimal length with a flat bottom for tailstanding (candle mode).

Short bodies are not compatible with momentary switches.


Momentary - press tail button for quick on/ramp/off or twist head for constant on (more force needed for 1v cells). Also available with a removable keychain post.

Compare with 123 options, presented at the same magnification.


Sleeve Options:

Peak Multi Size Kit - AA / AAA / 123

Oveready AA Sleeve - 50mm to AA (menu item 1)


Want a companion light that runs the same 17500 cells?  Pick up a G3 & M61LL


This item is made in

Machining - John and Curt
Electronics / Soldering - Curt, Mark and Kyle
Optics - Robyn or Derrick
Epoxy - Robyn
Assembly / Testing - Dan and Sarah


Product Options:


Product Code: PK-17500

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