Triple Surefire 95/96 v5 Head

Triple Surefire 95/96 v5 Head

Product Information

Triple Surefire 95/96 v5 Head

Bring your favorite weapon light beyond up to date with our custom v5 microprocessor controlled 3500 lumen XPL head. 


Use Adaptations:

  • Customize Behavior - Fully User re-Programmable after delivery
  • Minimum Weight with our custom aluminum heatsink
  • Faster Subject Recognition with neutral tint
  • Reduce your sweep arc with ultra bright floody beam
  • Clear Buildings and Yards safer and in less time
  • Fill Shadows in full daylight with up to 3500L
  • Control light color at dawn & dusk for easy identification
  • No PWM - sound and flicker free operation at all power levels
  • Test cell voltage right on your weapon with 111 PIN


Power Adaptations:

  • Input voltage range from 2.5v to 8.8v (1-2 cells)
  • Reversed battery polarity protection
  • Under and over voltage protection (2.5/8.8v)
  • Run with one cell + spacer for second mode group

Design Adaptations:

  • Adaptive temperature control (reduces output only 1/33rd as needed)
  • Integrated thermal safety protection at 65C (149F)
  • Fully qualified between -40 and 248F (-40 and 120C)
  • Integrated thermal overheating protection at 120C (248F)
  • Shock proof materials, components, and design
  • Spring washer ensures operation even with a loose bezel



This is a user installable (threads on) LED conversion head for M951, M952, M961, and M962 series bodies (body not included)

See our category menu for x300, x300u, and Scout options

Already have a bezel? Order this kit in individual parts: one, two, three

Hidden 2nd Mode (optional)

The standard rule with weaponlights is single mode only. This ensures maximum output is always available. But its based on two historical limitations:  1) that the light has only one level that is bright enough for primary uses and that  2) the second mode is only two clicks from start, to easy to activate when you don't mean to. v5 erases both these limitations, giving you more control and flexibility.

Choose to add a second hidden mode and enjoy both overwhelming light from start and extended run time when you need it. Three or four brief presses/clicks from start (two or three presses from mode one) and you've got your second mode. Reset to mode one anytime but turning off for more than 2 seconds. And like everything else, this can be reconfigured after delivery.


Operational Warnings:

Keep cells in matched pairs (A1+A2 used together, B1+B2 used together, etc)

2016 (15c) IMR16340 cells are recommended at all times


Battery Notes:

Do not use CR123 above 1000L

Do not use normal IMR above 2000L

Only use cells rated above 6 amps for full power

2016 AW IMR 16340 only for 3500L (15c = 8 amps)

For Longevity, recharge soon after draining

All runtimes based on 2016 16340 (15c = 8 amps)

Runtimes are worst case, actual times will be longer

Stretch mode on and recommended for end of rutnime taper


Light/Heat Precautions:

Monitor temperature during use

Do not leave unattended while running

Light will get hot if run continously for 5 minutes or more

Continuous operation depends on ambient temperature and airflow

This light creates excessive heat.

This light may cause eye damage

This light may burn skin at close range.

This light may cause combustibles to ignite

This light is not a toy, keep away from children


Most parts made in 


Product Options:

1st Mode
2nd Mode (hidden)
Bezel Ring
Included Batteries

Product Code: 3x9596

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