Welcome to the 10th OVEREADY Insider.  This is part 2 of this week's series.

Tom's been working very hard to boost production on the Triple drop in, and I'm pleased to say its paying off.

Ready to ship this week, are 30 new Triples, 3x the last 2 releases.  These are the new H-M-L model, the Triple/60 L3.


10 will be released each evening, for three days, starting tomorrow (PST, -07:00).


But there is also some ungood news.  In the effort to create this new model, a parts vendor missed a single, important detail. 

The result is a flash (or blink) while transitioning from high to medium and from medium to low. 

It lasts for an instant and then is replaced by constant output at the correct level.

No other part of the drop in is affected, but it cannot be fixed on this or the next shipment or perhaps the shipment after that. 

Accordingly, we are discounting these $20, down from the 3 mode price of $165.


Here's a look at this, the first model to carry the new black circuit board design.