Welcome to the 11th OVEREADY Insider and the first for September.  Lots to report.  Check out every item so you dont miss anything.

More L3C Triples are on the way, check the next Insider for details!


If you like the Triple, maybe you find the 6P a bit cumbersome in certain applications. 

To go smaller, you need to put the cells side by side. 

Something, perhaps, like the X300.  We are considering a run of maybe 10 of these. 

Theyll be over 1000 lumens, but they will require IMR1340s and would be over, $600 each. 

Would you want one?  Reply now.




Weve wanted to do a camouflage finish for some time.  First we needed to find the right pattern. 

Introduced in the Future Warrior program, MultiCam is now worn by US Amry troops in Afghanastan.  Then we needed it applied, to a flashlight. 

Our Cerkote applicator has a deep personal passion for MultiCam and is the only such applicator in the country licensed to do MultiCam.

7 colors, in 5 layers, applied one layer at a time, one light at a time, the result is a pattern, unique to each light, and tougher than type III anodize.

You will notice an extra grain to the finish.  We withheld the standard gloss overcoat, creating a matte finish and extra grip. 

We have a larger multilight batch in the works. Today we are introducing a pair of 9Ps, ready to ship:






Now available, M61s in cool and neutral (this batch of neutrals is in the 4000-5000 range, so warmer than the 1st batch):




Now available, M60s (optic):




And introducing, the M60F, the original single LED flood drop in:




Also new this week are Eneloop batteries, AA and AAA.  These are standard voltages, replacing Alkanline batteries in most applications. 

Sold individually, so 3 is as easy to buy as 10.