Welcome to the 12th OVEREADY Insider.  Its been a whole day since the last one, so we better get started.


Up for sale is this turnkey, all orange M2 with SST-50 and custom heatsink and deep reflector. 

But dont click the image.  Theres only one and its only available here. 

The first email reply with "Ill take the orange M2-50 flashlight", followed by prompt payment, gets it.

$380 (plus shipping) with battery and your choice of tail switch (twisty, zerorez, clicky).  Tint is 4500K (neutral).

This is 1000+ lumens, direct driven off a single 18650




Now available (these you can click).

Custom orange + black HA or yellow + black HA 6Ps.  A handful of each color are available. 

Tailcaps are Z59 (factory clickys) so their options are limited to bezel rings and lenses:







Triple update

A set of twenty L3Cs are ready.  Starting now and for the next 6 hours, five will be released every 1-2 hours.

More than ten additional L3Cs are expected tomorrow and will be released in a similar schedule, 24-36 hours from now.

A batch of L1s are expected to be ready as soon as next week.  Another Insider will preceed that release.



Bezel ring update

Our original bezel ring was cut from SS and essentially unfinished.  It had a brushed finish but was essentially shiny.

When newer colors were introduced (black and polished), the semi polished version fell into the silver category but was not technically, silver.

All silver bezel rings will now ship with the same true silver (sand blasted) finish, distict both from the black and polished finishes.




Yesterdays 9P was supposed to link here.

The X300 concept introduced yesterday is a weapon light. 

It has a very narrow range of uses and will not be exportable to certain countries

We are considering "pocket light" options and they would not look like this.