Welcome to the 13th OVEREADY Insider.  Weve been busy all week, but still managed to sneak a few new items in for the weekend:


Traditoinal black cells are lithium cobaltite (LiCoO2).  This chemestry cannot be pushed passed 2600mah within the same size package.  To get more, battery people have added nickel, creating lithium nickel-cobalt oxide (LiNiCoO2), or NNP (Nickel based New Platform) for short.  The result, is a 2900mah cell.  Made in Japan, by Panasonic, these have been getting a fair amount of press, but are not remarkably different from the 2600 cells.  They still require protection circuits (PCBs) and still do not deliver the amps possible with IMR chemestries.  The main advantages for us are the 11.5% capacity boost and the slightly slimmer diameter seen in early samples.  So they are easier to use with bored bodies (and are ready to ship).




We bring out new colors in small batches to try out, usually in one or two models.  In the case of white, that was the 6P and C2.

You liked them so much, weve made them in all 5 models.  Introducing, the OVEREADY White Z2:










and 9P:




Special note.  We have been and are working to increase A19 supplies as soon and as much as possible.  6Ps, Z2s, and C2s include the option to add a color matched (white) extender.  But there are still not enough to offer them via their own page.  Owners of white C2s and 6Ps from the first batch may request one.




M2 bezels are designed with a shock absorber system that protects incandescent bulbs from recoil.  The design is optimized for drop ins with outer springs around the bottom.  High performance LED drop ins require maximum contact for heat dissipation and so lack this spring.  Without it, the shock absorber in the M2 bezel allows LED drop-ins to lift out of the body during use, breaking electrical contact, causing flickering and other issues.

Malkoff devised a fitting ring, that installs into the metal ring inside the M2 bezel, increasing pressure against the drop in, keeping it in contact with the body. Weve been including this ring for free with every M2 bezel we've shipped since well into last year.  We have now added it as a option on all performance LED drop ins and given it its own page for separate purchase.