Welcome to the 14th OVEREADY Insider.  Every item on this page is ready to ship.  Consider moving soon if you really want it.


Single level Triples (L1N & L1C) are again ready to ship.  Tom really broke a sweat, producing over 25 neutrals and even more cools.

A few Three level Triples (L3C) are also ready to ship, but were sharing them exclusively with Insiders.  Reply if youd like one.

Several Triples have been damaged by reverse loading the battery.  Please take care to load the (+) end of the battery(ies) first.




Lithium batteries are a bit more complex in how they like to be charged.  Standard chargers, like the WF-139 use whats called CC (constant current).  They apply power at a constant amount, varying the voltage until termination.  While effective, this is known to shorten the life of the cells over time.  A better method is CC/CV, where power is applied until a certain point during the charge cycle, when the method changes to CV (constant voltage), where the voltage is kept constant and the power level changes.  This method keeps cells healthier, longer.  Presenting the Pila IBC (CC/CV) charger:



A few extra notes:




The last 2 (of 10) gray and black Megallanium 1909s (both with extra cren) are now built and ready to ship:




A small batch of orange is in.  All models now include color matched A19s.  As with the white, send us a note if you already have an orange light and would like an extender for it.







We are working to restock our Bored Body page.  Ready now are 6P, Z2, C2, M2, and M4.  We expect to have M3s early next month.


We are also increasing our G series line up to include G2s in 3 colors, G3s in two colors, and G2Zs