Welcome to the 15th OVEREADY Insider.  Todays Insider is all about HDS Systems.


Some weeks back, we produced a small run of Safety Orange Clickys.  They turned out well and so did your interest. 

A second, larger batch is now ready to ship.  Half will be released tonight, half tomorrow, all Tactical 170s.  Just click the image:




We also had a go at a MultiCam version.  This is the same 5 layer, 7 color, hand controlled application as the 9P featured in Insider 11.

They would be $280, but the pattern does not match up across the seems of the parts, so they are on sale at $260 each.

The only two available will go to the first two replies to this email.  Because of the seam matching issue, we have not decided if we will make more.





Starting today, all HDS lights ship from us with one of several battery options, including IMR16340s.  Several are at the same price.


Weve expanded our HDS accessories page to include holsters, grip rings, tailcap options, F04 diffuser covers (made by SureFire), and 17670 bodies.

Holsters come in duty belt (large clasp) and dress belt (small clasp) sizes.  The duty belt version is shown.

17670 bodies include tailcaps in either executive (flush) or tactical (raised) styles.  Threads are the same at each end, so with an extra tailcap, they double as battery tubes.