Welcome to the 16th OVEREADY Insider.  Theres so much new stuff this week, the rest will overflow into Insider 17.

Our limited edition gray and black Megallaniums keep selling out.  The limit is still 10 total, but Im releasing one or two more.

Joining the gray and black is a new gray and gray with the same KT4 head options:



And introducing a new special edition, 3 inch bezel version:



Both deeper and wider, the reflector on the 3 inch version provides even more focus and throw.  Heres a side by side:



All 3 versions offer standard options for McClicky and/or 3 level softstart.



We've been working to improve 3 cell host supply.  All future batches will include more of both models. 

Factory finish C3's and 9P's are ready to ship:








We ve heard requests for pink options since before producing our first paint batch. 

While not second nature, we are game.  Presenting, our first pink, a 6P:





Extra notes:

We ve had requests for HARDpress to be the default option for a variety of configurations.  It is now the number 1 clicky option, below both twisty options, for all hosts, tailcaps, and kits.

Pila chargers are sold out at the distributor.  More are on the way and I hope to have them up by November.