Welcome to the 18th OVEREADY Insider.  First a little background story, then onto the new lights!


One of the main reasons for doing Cerakote is that HA doesnt llike to be colored.  You can an add dyes, but to make any color stand out (other than black) against the tight grain of HA, you have to make the coating thinner.  Something we are not willing to do.

Earlier in the year, we produced our first batch of HA natural Surefire hosts.  Experiments on the finish produced an (unintended) slight bronzing of the color.  Released in small numbers, and without much fanfaire, they quietly sold out, not to be seen again.  In the months since, however, this color/treatment (often described as steampunk or dieselpunk) has developed a cult following, a group of people with increasing size and voice, asking to see more of this finish. 

Not the result of any dye or traditional color technique, this is produced with a series of chemical baths, exciting the color already in the metal.  The result is an durable aluminum finish, looking more like century old copper pipes than a modern lightweight flashlight:










Coordinated with this, we have also developed a new bezel ring color.  Similar to the TiAlN application that creates our black bezel rings, this is a brass colored stainless steel.  Available in both smooth and crenelated styles, its a color we will roll out store wide in the coming weeks.  For now, its available here and as turnkey options on all of our bronzed hosts. Heres how they look together:


You may have noticed something else special about this 6P.  Tom has smoothied it, reducing the knurling and cutting off the hex from the bezel.  There are two of these, available only by replying to this email, and for an additional $25.  All options that work with the standard 6P are available/compatible, including swithces and bezel rings.


Extra notes:

9Ps should be available in bronzed HA later this month.  Bronzed HA A19s are still to be determined

C3s have a different metal and will not produce this color.  Same with most future C2's.  Bronzed C2s are while supplies last.

Black bezel rings are again ready to ship

We have reorganized our HDS lights, focusing exclusively on 170 Tactical and 100/CRI Executive models

Our goal is to offer these to models for every finish we offer, including black bezel and painted varieties

HDS will be sold out of high CRI models until perhaps next year.  Get one soon if you want it before then.