Welcome to the 19th OVEREADY Insider.  Some issues of the Insider are special, this one is particularly so.

OVEREADY is the primary dealer for Moddoo of CPF.  Tom is retiring his initial company name, Titanium Engineering, in favor of a new name, TorchLAB.  

Together, we today introduce not only a new part, but an entirely new line of flashlights.  This is not a set of individual lights, but a system of parts that allow you to build the light you want most (think: Legos).  TorchLAB has been designing this flashlight system for much of the year, perfecting each detail.  The Moddoolar system will be released in three steps (the 3 sections of a finished light).  

Introducing step one, the Triad Tail:





The Triad Tail:






All Moddoolar Triad Tails share the following features:



Black and gray finishes are available in both standard (no holes) and pocket clip ready versions, creating 4 models:

  1.     black standard (no holes)
  2.     black clip ready
  3.     gray standard (no holes)
  4.     gray clip ready


Clips will be ready soon and clip ready Triads are discounted from the ‘with clip’ price.  Both will transform any compatible flashlight, into a bezel down, deep pocket carry flashlight.


Extra notes:

Also ready to ship are factory Z41 tailcaps
Also ready to ship are type II finish extenders
Also ready to ship are McClicky kits
Also ready to ship are Zero Rez kits
Also ready to ship are both lithium chargers

The next few weeks will see our last supplies of the discontinued P60L drop ins.  These are now discontinued and nothing else from SF is similarly backward compatible (not requiring a new beze purchase).