Welcome to the 22nd OVEREADY Insider.  Projects dating back as far as August are now bearing fruit.  Here's the first in a series for January.

Continuing from Insider 19, where the Triad Tail left off, the Moddoolar flashlight system continues developing.

Introducing step 2, the Cell Tube, from TorchLAB. At first glance, these look much like any flashlight body:



In fact, here's a TL 100 beside a custom HA 9P:



However, these is not one part, but two separate pieces:


By itself, the Cell Tube will connect with Moddoolar Heads, without the need for the P60 Interface shown above and to the left. 

With the P60 Interface, you can run all the drop ins you already have and love, with no bezel/body gap!

Without it, the Moddoolar Interface maximizes thermal and electrical connectivity while minimizing length.

And both ways, you can select from 5 lengths.  Tiny 123 cells, all the way up to a pair of 18650's!:



Extra Notes:

A rare batch of custom HA 9P bodies are ready to ship

A few more L1 P60/Triples are ready to ship

Available in two lengths, silver clips are now available preinstalled on Triads

They will be available separately when black clips are also ready (soon)

Malkoff M60 and M61s are again ready to ship

Peak AA, AAA, and 123 models are again ready to ship

Pila chargers are again ready to ship

The worlds first UCL lenses for M2 bezels are ready to ship.  Installation tools are still in development.