Welcome to the 23rd OVEREADY Insider.  Today's launch is all about HDS.

Henry and our painter have gotten together and really outdone themselves, creating no less than 5 colors:


Safety Orange, available in Tactical 170 and High CRI 100:



Oveready White, available in Tactical 170 and High CRI 100:



Desert Tan, available in Tactical 170



OD Green, available in Tactical 170


With one more debuting tomorrow (Dark Earth, available in Tactical 170)


Also ready to ship:

Custom Stainless Steel HDS pocket clips

Factory Black HDS Bezels

HDS Saphire Lenses

F04 Light Diffusers (Surefire)

HDS Tactical Grip Ring


Extra notes:

To give multiple time zones a chance, this will be a 3 part release.  Don't see the model you want, try back in 12-24 hours

Every model comes with your choice of primary or rechargeable battery(ies).  Check the options sections for details.