Welcome to the 24th OVEREADY Insider.  Lots of stuff to share today, so lets get started.


Bezel rings are one of our favorite upgrades.  Attractive and functional, they keep your lights looking good while protecting them from head first impacts.

But the crenelated style has a few drawbacks.  It makes the light longer, reduces wide angle flood light, and adds over 10 grams of weight.

Addressing these concerns, weve developed a new cren design, shown here on the right:



Almost 40% lighter, it is shorter, without reducing the height of the crens, and offers wider channels between them so more of your light gets out. 

They are available in all 4 of our finishes, silver, polished, black, and our TiN coated SS (brass):




But all these improvements come at a small price.  The 5 point design is not compatible with 6 point tools and 6 point tools are needed to remove the factory ring.

So 5 points will automatically be installed on all hosts we build, but we will also continue to offer the 6 point design for easier self installation:





Each design now has its own page, including our (6 point ready) smooth bezel ring:





You may have noticed the hosts modeling the bezel rings above have an unusual finish.  By popular demand, the first ever black Cerakote. 

They have an unusual luster and color we call BBQ Black.  Now ready to ship:


















Extra notes:

What began as a one time update, has grown into the OVEREADY Insider.  And as our developments become more important, so do these announcements.

You can now access past issues via our new Insider Archive.  New issues will not be added sooner than 24 hours later, so emails remain the fastest option.