Welcome to the 25th OVEREADY Insider.  We have some special (even for us) tools to share with you today.

First up is a Surefire x300 weaponlight.  Tom hand upgrades each one, replacing everything past the battery compartment.  First mentioned in Insider 11, our prototype remains in testing by a member of the 18th Aircorps.  250 M4 rounds and 500 Glock 19 rounds and counting.  The first production batch is ready to ship and by special arrangement with one of our SF dealers, at limited time discount.  1000 lumens in a 3.5 inch package, weighting 81 grams:




While weve made a name for ourselves with flashlights, readiness is about more than just being able to see.  Tools come in different shapes and sizes and this is a totally new one for us.  Named for the Special Operations Group operating under the CIA during Vietnam, SOG creates a special multli purpose hand tool, worthy of being our first non flashlight product.  The 4 bolts shown on the left in the next image reduce the distance traveled by the jaws, increasing leverage.  Click the image to see why. 

First up is the smallest SOG model that includes this force multiplier, the medium size Pocket PowerPlier:




Larger than the Pocket PowerPlier, the full size PowerLock offers over 9 inches of effective leverage:



And is also available in black:



But this wouldn't be Oveready without customizability.  So every SOG MultiTool can be taken apart and reconfigured, and added to.  And we have special purpose parts ready to go, in both colors:



Extra Notes:

Gray Moddoolar Tubes are now ready to ship

Nitrolon Tailcaps are again ready to ship

Our last (ever) set of P60L's is ready to ship

SF E2C adapters are again ready to ship

AW IMR cells are gaining in popularity among E cig users for their exceptional power delivery.  This is straining supplies, but we and AW are ramping our efforts to keep them available for you.