Welcome to the 26th OVEREADY Insider.  Lots of stock news today and a few special announcements.  To give multiple time zones a shot, most of what's below will be released in one or more batches over the next 36 hours.  Some will be in very high demand, so we suggest being logged in and having your shopping cart ready when it comes time to click Add on your favorite item(s).

We first announced the 3 mode Triple back in August.  It was great but not as great as we wanted it to be.  So we went back to the drawing board and made a series of improvements.  Then every part was tested and retested, before producing this whole new batch.  Today, we proudly announce the version 3.10 L3n and L3c Triple:



Triple L3 improvements include:

100 more lumens on level 2

Faster mode change intervals

Soft start during activation

No flashing between modes

Reverse cell protection


Also ready or near ready to ship:

Single level neutral Triples (L1n)

Malkoff M61LL's and M61WLL's

Bored type II A19's

Bored Type II 6P's

Bored Type II 9P's


Extra notes:

black factory type III bezels are no longer available from SF.  All that we have had is all we are likely to have.

Yellow lanyards are no longer available in desireable packages

McClicky kits should be ready to ship next weekend

Silver/Smooth bezel rings should be ready to ship next weekend

Xeno safety wands should be ready to ship next weekend

UCL lenses are out of stock at the supplier with no ETA for more

Along with IMRs, E cig buyers are hitting WF 139 chargers.  We are bringing more in.


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