Welcome to the 27th OVEREADY Insider.  There's some anticipation for todays announcements, so lets jump right in. 

Back when Tom designed the McClicky Kit, we were trying to solve a problem.  How do we change out the mechanism in the twisty caps that come standard on all the lights we sell?  That we ended up creating one of the shortest 1" clicky tailcaps on the planet was almost unintentional.  As this feature has not gone unnoticed, we decided to put our minds to shortening even more.  The result is a pair of innovations, the first of which is below -  the next piece in the Moddoolar puzzle.

The P60 format was designed for a particular incandescent lamp.  Amazing for its time, this format has been adopted for all manner of LED upgrades, including the Triple/60.  But its not ideal.  Its longer than needed for most LED setups, it can't be widened, and there's a limit to how much heat can be carried away.  Making a head from scratch gets around all this, and thats just what Tom has done.  The Moddoolar L3 Head is like a super Triple drop in.  Each is a fully assembled head of aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and glass.  Just thread on to any length Moddoolar body and go. 


In black HA:



And gray:


We're so pleased with the performance of these heads on single cells, we're also offering the first custom turnkey, the Moddoolar Pocket.  Available in two lengths, this page makes our best EDC, even easier to configure:




And in case you were wondering just how short is short, here is a comparison between 34 and 65mm setups:



But wait, there's more!

While smaller than P/C/Z sized setups, Moddoolar heads have threads that are larger than E series threads.  So Tom has also developed an E series adapter.  Thread one into the bottom of your Moddoolar L3 Head, then thread them onto any E-series, Scout Light, or aftermarket body with E-series head threads.  Just select "+ E Series" from the L3 Head's compatibility menu:



18350 flashlights work even better with 18350 batteries, so also new in our catalog is the IMR 18350 from AW:



Here's how they stack up in tandem for 8.4 volts in a 6P or TL65:





Extra notes:

There are now to many Insider subscribers to ensure that most inboxes recieve an issue around the same time.  High demand items will now appear with 0 stock, to be added later in the day and throughout the following day.

Also new is our Spacers page.  If, for example, you want to get a Moddoolar Pocket 18500 and still be able to run 16340 sized cells, just pick up a 15 Delrin Spacer to add to the tube.

Z44 UCL lenses are on schedule for early April.  We will repopulate the lens page and other pages that depend on them.

Pila chargers are still on back order, with no ETA. 


Special note:  Our hearts go out to the people in Japan.  We are working to provide assistance in the form of supplies (ie, batteries).  Please reply if you have special information that may help.