Welcome to the 28th OVEREADY Insider.  Its shaping up to be a big month, so we’re kicking off May with 3 categories of new stuff.

First up is something special from Tom.  The challenge?  Build a cell extender that not only doesn’t add to the length of your flashlight, but can actually make it shorter.  Impossible?  Not for our Mad Scientist.  He's designed a 15mm extender that goes inside your tailcap!  Presenting the ZeroRez Shorty:



One of our 2010 special coatings, MultiCam, is all about reducing visibility.  But sometimes, more is better.  We started work on an OVEREADY quality GID coating since before our very first Cerakote batch, in 2009.  The result is a sandwich of bright white color in daylight and dense glow powder for night, all covered in a smooth even coating.  Sound like ice cream?  It looks almost as tasty.  Available in:














The Moddoolar system is all about choice, doing what you want, the way you want to.  But sometimes 5 battery sizes (and even more combinations) isn't enough.  So we've created a set of adapters, carved from solid Delrin, to give you even more:

Spacers for going that extra inch (or half inch):




Sleeves for putting 16mm CR123 cells into 18mm bored bodies:




Sleeves for putting 14mm AA cells into 18mm (bored) and 17mm (unbored) bodies:




Extra notes:

Surefire has announced that they are discontinuing much of their hand held lights.  Among these are most incan models, including the C2, Z2, and 9P, and parts, including the A14 extender, A19 extender, A21 adapter, Z41 tailcap, Z44 bezel, Z32 (M2) bezel, Z58 tailcap, Z59 tailcap, Z48 tailcap, and most colors of G and G tailcaps.  Prices and availability for the parts and models that remain have been and may remain in flux.  We are working to secure supplies and will continue to offer these as long as possible, but we expect most to disappear by 2012, if not sooner.

In January, HDS announced revisions to all their models and introduced a new model.  Production and other issues have required they hold shipments (4 months and counting) on all of these.  Anyone who was able to purchase one of these new models is advised to check with HDS for important updates.  New models and parts for new models will have a completely new thread design, making them incompatible with pre-2011 parts and models.  We will be looking to carry the new models when they are rereleased and retain supplies of the old models and parts as long as possible.

Triple based products are due back in stock later this month.  Stay tuned for Insider 29 for details on Triple/60 dropins and everything Moddoolar, including the Pocket!

Black clips are normally coated with black oxide, a kind of rust that must be babied to avoid rubbing off, oiled to keep protected, and wiped to keep from getting on your hands and clothes. Generally reserved for coating bezel rings, AlTiN (aluminum titanium nitride) is stronger than the TiN used to coat drill bits.  We have released new AlTiN coated clips for classic HDS and Peak (123 and AA bodies).  Moddoolar parts are getting the same tough coating on both bezel rings and clips: