Welcome to the 29th OVEREADY Insider.  We have so much new stuff to release, we are splitting it up across multiple Insiders.  High demand items will be released over multiple days and times, giving more people (and time zones) a shot.

First up are bezel rings, custom made for Z32 (M2) bezels.  These are our first ever rings made specifically for these larger bezels.  Installation tools are not yet ready, but they are available as OR installed options on all our Z32 bezels and Z32 bezel equipped lights.  Z32 size UCL lenses are ready to ship.  The gram values are not a typo, we worked to minimize weight while adding both functionality and protection (and good looks) to your favorite M2 bezel equipped lights.  Available in smooth and cren, with silver or black finish:






To celebrate our new bezel rings, we are adding (for the first time), bored Surefire M2-HA's to our host lineup:




Next up are custom black HA hosts.  These highly anticipated hosts have been in production since well into last year and many models will not be returning.  Looking back, problems we had getting product needed to start the process were the first indications that Surefire was discontinuing them.  So without further adieu...:















To celebrate the specialness of this batch, every model above is available with an unprecedented number of options, including a choice of custom HA bezel and tailcap.  Custom black HA Z32/M2 bezels (less than 20 total) may also be the last we are able to make, so they will not be available separately until many of the hosts are sold.





Special hosts are even better with something special to put in them, so we are also introducing a new model of L3 Triple/60.  Otherwise the same as our first L3 Triple/60's, these have an often requested low first (low/medium/high) mode switching sequence:



Also ready to ship:

Triple XPG X300

Factory Type II 6P

Factory Type II 6P Body

Factory Type II 9P

Factory Type II 9P Body

Factory Type III C2

Factory Type III C3

MultiCam 9P with matching MultiCam A19 (the first and only matching camo extenders we're making)

18340 Titanium Transport Capsule

18650 Titanium Transport Capsule

E2C Adapters