Welcome to the 30th OVEREADY Insider.  July's onslaught continues with more new, ready to ship gear.

Back in November, Insider 19 introduced the first piece of the Moddoolar Flashlight System.  What began as a universal tailstanding tailcap grew to include a family of universal bodies, ultra compact heads, and the complete flashlight known as the Moddoolar Pocket.  Developed for complete modularity, this one configuration instantly became the pocket light of choice among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Even as we couldn't keep them in stock, Tom was thinking about improvements.  Top of the list, knurling.  Traditional knurling is done with a high speed (read: low cost) pattern wheel that effectively presses its pattern into the metal.  Its tough on the metal, tough on the tool, and creates shallow groves with mild grip and easy chipping (see any type II 6P).  Wanting something better, Tom worked from scratch with our chief machinist to develop a new method for cutting cross groves, one groove at a time.  The process was featured in Cutting Tool Engineering and the result looks like this:




So what does this look like on a flashlight?  Presenting the new Moddoolar Pocket:




But this innovation is not confined to just the Pocket.  Every new Moddoolar Cell Tube now features DiamondBack knurling:




Moddoolar Heads and Tails also ready to ship:





Extra Note:

Gray Heads and Bodies are also ready to ship.  Gray Tails (Triads) are not available this time around.