Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 31

Today's starts with a bit of materials science.  A company in the UK has developed something called Quantum Tunneling Composite.  Used in flashlight applications, QTC is basically a faucet, for power.  From WikiPedia:

”Quantum tunneling composites are composite materials of metals and non-conducting elastomeric binder, used as pressure sensors. They utilize quantum tunneling:  without pressure, the conductive elements are too far apart to conduct electricity; when pressure is applied, they move closer and electrons can tunnel through the insulator. The effect is far more pronounced than would be expected from classical (non-quantum) effects alone, as classical electrical resistance is linear (proportional to distance), while quantum tunneling is exponential with decreasing distance, allowing the resistance to change by a factor of up to 1012 between pressured and unpressured states.[1]”

The result is a ‘pill’, small enough to fit inside any flashlight. Peak lights already have the requisite ‘pressure chamber’, so they developed a reinforced QTC sandwich, now installed in every Peak light we carry.  While not programmable as a driver or quite as smooth as a dimmer switch, this new mechanical regulation provides compact size, dozens of output options, and zero power use when off (no parasitic drain).

As even the tinniest lights now have access to multiple levels, we decided to see how small this could be pushed.  Presenting the 10180 (one third AAA), Peak Eiger QTC:


As a light this small is best on a keychain and weight less a concern at this size, we equipped it with stainless steel, top to bottom.  Also available in two/third AAA (10280) QTC, for double the runtime:

And of course, our standard aluminum + stainless steel AAA QTC & 123 QTC:


But where’s the AA, el captain?  The optic manufacturer discontinued the AA size optic.  New production El Caps now use the 123 sized Logan optic, so they have the same bodies, but larger Logan size heads.  Rather than have that extra diameter with no extra benefit, we asked Peak to produce a 17500 body:  

A perfect match for the Logan head, it works with our Logan clip, is the same length as an El Cap, and supports both AA cells and high capacity 17500 cells.  We are currently working on a Delrin sleeve so 14500 (AA) sized cells, fit like a glove.

A side effect of all this development is a new unified battery option.  A Peak Logan 17500 uses the same batteries as can power a Malkoff M61LL, installed in an otherwise stock G3. Two reliable, complimentary lights on one set of the same size batteries, both of which can also run (any chemistry) AA’s, any time.

Malkoff introduces our next innovation, Color Rendering Index.  CRI describes how closely a given LED mimics the light produced by an incan bulb (or other black body radiator).  Because CRI uses a sliding scale (proximity to any kelvin value), the easiest way for an LED manufactorer to get a high score, is to match the yellow color of an incan bulb.  As this is how Cree implemented its high CRI XPG, Malkoff W models (traditionally neutral) are now a true warm color.  Wanting to provide this while continuing to offer a neutral option, we requested an all new custom M61N.  Both are now available, providing cool, neutral, and warm/cri options on both the M61 and M61LL:

And since drop ins work better with hosts, this is a good time to release our latest batch of Bronze finish hosts.  These have a variation of our standard 20 mil, mil spec HA coating, with a special coloring process:





We’ve adding an aging step for even more color and have, for the first time ever, a 9P option:


Our x300 setup is ideal for handgun mount, but a bit wide for rifle use.  The weapons grade construction of the Moddoolar Head makes it an ideal upgrade (with Scout adapter) for Scout lights.  We're building a few turnkey setups:


We’ve had requests for E series hosts but find the factory bezel to be prohibitively difficult to modify and to small for many LED options.  Raiding our parts store, we’ve made one that’s P60 ready.  100% factory HA black, it also looks good doing it:


In the world of LEDs, you can never be to bright or to cool.  In the realm of P60 bezels, Cryos is king of kool.  And we have them in both black and natural (gray):


Not to be outdone, the (anti Cryos) Smoothie bezel offers a quiet alternative, right at home in any front pocket: