Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 33.

As we approach the shortest day of year (in most of the world), people follow traditions set forth millennia ago.  Winter feasts, parties, and the setting of lights.  It's for this last, that we are most passionate, putting light were none exists, in near any place you might find yourself.  It's with this in mind - portable, powerful, reliable light - that we share our latest works with you today.  First up is a new bezel ring.  Our first with slots for tritium vials, but also the first to be made in USA.  Cut and threaded for Z44 size bezels, the finish is all machine:



Earlier this year, Surefire announced the end of production of their most beloved flashlights, including the C2, C3, Z2, 9P, and E1 and E2.  We worked to secure a supply of certain models before they disappeared and hope to provide them into next year.  Along with the black 9P went the 'gunmetal' 6P, a blue silver finish used on no other model:



Our Moddoolar Store continues to grow, with M series Interfaces in both black and natural.  These allow all your Cell Toobs to work with D36 and KT4 size bezels:



Also ready separately are the original C series Interfaces:



And for those times when you want to run a Moddoolar Head on an E series or Scout body, our solid brass adapter is now available separately:



Finishing up the DiamonBack line-up is the first DB aluminum tailcap, also in black and natural:



The Cryos 1 is popular for its fins an sculpted design, so what could be better than more fins and even more sculpture.  The Cryos 2 uses Z32/M2 size lenses and bezel rings:



SF Z32/M2 bezels are tricky.  Designed to cushion the force generated by recoil, this very system makes them less effective with LED setups.  The Malkoff option is good, but can leave high tension setups in the dark.  So we cut up some silicone, creating a part to replace the factory foam with a stiffer material, keeping your drop ins fully seated:



And installation goes way easier when you can take off the bezel ring, also ready to ship is our new Z32 bezel tool:


Not to be left out of the fun, Peak has developed a set of adapters for their 17500 bodies, allowing you to run 3 sizes of cells in the same body:




Peak is also in the process of lengthening their cell bodies for longer cells.  This requires shorter tail parts, so we now have 3 options for self purchase switches:



Even NyoGel gets improved.  We've added a new 2CC size, just right for sampling and travel:



Also Ready To Ship:

A few more 3 level Pockets

Peak just shipped more Eiger setups

AWs new 18650/3100 cell.  Featuring a new thin protection wire, this protected 3100 is smaller than all 3100's.

Z44 size Cryos Bezels, in black and natural

Smoothie Bezels, in black and natural

White Triple C3

E1e P60's

Delrin sleeves, in both AA and 123

Custom natural HA 6P's and Z2's

Defender 6P Bodies

Neutral and Warm/CRI Triple/60's

50 Pack of SF 123's







In honor of Steve Jobs, here's a One More Thing preview of something on the way next year...  (sorry, no link!)