Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 34.

We've been busy helping a (2013 release) movie production light up the next world.  This has pushed back larger scale development in this world, but we're working like mad to catch up.  This spring and summer are lined up to reveal more exciting developments, the first of which arrives today.  Insider 28 introduced the ZeroRez Shorty, a clever way of fitting longer cells into bodies designed to fit smaller cells.  But what if you want to use smaller cells in an even shorter body?  Presenting the Moddoolar Shorty Cell Tube (TL20).  A body so short, it looks more like an adapter:


So how short is short?  Here's how two example Shorty Tube configurations stack up against other popular 'short' lights:




But perhaps you want smaller but longer or need lighter weight and a clicky at the same time, something with more grip from any direction?  Presenting the Moddoolar Slim Cell Tube:





Prefer your lights a bit more special (and easier to find).  We've coated some of our Moddoolar Triads in the same high performance GID infused paint as our GID hosts:




Metal lights tend to have most of the fun when it comes to accessories, so we've crafted the first ever Delrin Bezel Rings.  They fit all G series bezels, but also work on metal bezels for the ultimate in weight savings:



Back and ready to ship is the versatile Moddoo Z59/HDS clip:





When SF stopped production on many favored host models, we gathered reserves, ensuring longer term supplies than should have been possible.  Included were rare C2 and C3 models with a factory type II finish, needed for high quality HA application.  Custom HA Black is ready to ship in all 5 models:




E cigarette users continue to impact battery supplies, but we are again fully stocked in all sizes.  Including the new IMR 18650/2000 and increasingly popular 18350:



We've also expanded our Malkoff engine selection.  The Malkoff M31 is a full output, low voltage specialist and new M61LLL offers more runtime than any other model.  Both are available in cool, warm, and our exclusive neutral.

Extra Notes:

All tailcaps and clicky kits are now available with Medium force (MEDpress) boots.  Made from the same mold as our HARDpress, the material is firm enough to prevent accidental latching but soft enough not to fatigue your thumbs with heavy use.

The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (HR 6407) was signed into law on December 20, 2006.  One section requires that the USPS [pre]pay the Treasury, 5.5 billion dollars every September, for 10 consecutive years.  They've been doing so since 2007 and were initially able to cover the amount with their reserves.  Now half way through the near 55 billion dollars in total payments, the USPS is starting to close major locations and lay off staff.  US rate increases are mostly capped by other laws. So far this has meant only significant price increases for international customers (applied again in January).  But large closures will eventually include US distribution centers, slowing inter and intra US deliveries.  Despite its reputation (and this latest development), the USPS has and continues to provide low rates and a near perfect delivery record for our many thousands of packages.  We will continue to use them exclusively for as long as it makes sense.