Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 35. 

Insider 32 described CREE's three flavors, warm, neutral, and cool.  In particular, if you wanted the most color with the least tint, you had to choose between a warm high CRI and a neutral with less CRI.  Nichia (a CREE competitor) has solved this dilemma by introducing an LED combining a neutral tint, with a CRI of 92%.  You get maximum color reveal of the subject with minimum color tint from the light itself.  So effective is the result, that we are reducing down to two primary options:

Neutral Nichia 219 - best color

Cool CREE XPG - most output

So what first to put them into?  Since before the first Insider, there were v3 Triples.  1100 fully regulated cool lumens in a compact, versatile, and durable package.  Our engineers have been working on new features and capabilities, that together make the new v4 Triple:  smart voltage based cell counter, cell monitoring, voltage monitoring (extending IMR cell life), and a 2 step thermal monitor and output reduction system.  These features bring additional security and reliability to our existing L3 model, but they also allow us to push the envelope.  Thermal monitoring means we can push more heat, more amps, and more lumens. 

Introducing the 1400 cool lumen, TorchLAB Triple v4 H3:



The new H3 supports both LEDs above, but not all LEDs support the extra power level of the H3, so maximum throw remains the purview of the updated TorchLAB Triple v4 L3, with XPE:


The day OVEREADY launched, there was a page for something special.  The design was basic and brutal, offering uncompromising stoutness.  But supplies fell through and we were unable to complete the launch.  So last year, we commissioned our own batch of parts, to our own specifications.  Improvements over the original design, include:

The Oveready Defense Light (ODL) is ready to ship with a variety of engine and bezel configurations:



Extra Notes:

NyoGel is again ready to ship, in both sizes.

Type II bored A19's are again ready to ship.  These are the last, so get them while you can.

TnC E2C adapters are again ready to ship

We are unable to order Malkoff M61's with Nichia emitters, and may not continue to carry them.

USPS outlined new measures this month, restricting the shipment of all lithium cells from the US to destinations outside the US.  Other carriers continue to provide such service, but supporting their own aircraft to do it, makes shipping costs impractical.  We are exploring alternatives, but are currently unable to ship AW cells to our international customers.  Sorry for this inconvenience.