Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 36.  Our transition to Nichia 219's continues with Peak. 

As with TorchLAB, its accompanied by additional improvements.  Peak has developed a new generation of QTC pill.  The Gen 2 pill itself is completely redesigned, with both a different container and 'grip' system. The result is better retention inside the body, smoother more consistent output ramping, faster low level recovery, and lower lows.  We also have new custom pills, allowing us to build single level (no qtc) bodies, to order.  So every Peak model now enjoys better performance and LED options than ever before.  These include several of the smallest and only Nichia 219 available in their battery sizes:










We started making battery sleeves in a single size, for a single purpose.  Requests poured in for variety of options and we've added one after the other.  Including a new dedicated section.  But what if you want to use both kinds of adapters, in the same light, without having to manage 2 separate pieces?  We've combined sleeve and spacer into a single part.  The first of this new line adapts shorter/narrower AA batteries to fit into longer/wider 18650 bodies.  Ideal for universal power options with low voltage drop ins:





Extra Notes:

Our first cool 1400 lumen H3 Triple/60's will be ready in a few days.

Have a Gen 1 QTC Peak and wished it was a Gen 2?  See our upgrade page.

We're working on more Peak clips and hope to have them ready later this summer.