Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 37.  While Nichia has been breaking ground with their 219, Cree has not been standing still.  Updating the venerable XPG, they've released the XPG2.  15% greater effeciency means more light output, runtime, and heat stability (dimming less during extended use).  Combine this with a smaller die on the XPG2 and focus/throw improve as well.   So naturally, we're putting it into everything.

Updating our LED chart from Insider 32:

Choose cool white CREE XPG2 for maximum output and tigher beam

Choose neutral Nichia 219 for smooth beam and best color rendition


H3 XPG2 and 219 engines are now available in all Moddoolar Heads and Flashlight configurations, including a few new ones:





Insider 33 included a sneak preview of a limited edition all white flashlight we started planning last year.  5 exist, only 4 will be offered, with only 1 in each of the 4 possible new engine configurations (HML/LMH/XPG2/219).  One will be released at a time, at a different time of day, with remaining options (bezel ring/body length).   Move fast if you have a preference:


H3 XPG2 Triple Drop-ins are soon to be avilable (1-2 days) as well:


And can be selected in ODL and new turnkey C2 configurations:




Extra Notes:

We are still testing XPG2 output and will rate them at the XPG's 1400 level until we know more

Peak AAA and 10180 SS bodies are now availble in a 'shaved' finish, removing the standard knurling

Peak Body Caps are now available, protecting bodies (and cells inside extra bodies) without heads

We are developing a new finish quality improving the Triad Tailcap production process and hope to start production next month, with an Oct-Nov ETA.