Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 38.  With less time than usual since the last Insider, we today focus exclusively on Surefire E series.

Long a favorite among flashlight fans, incan E series lights are not upgrade friendly.  Without the socket lamp design used on the P/C/Z series, dropins are limited to thermally poor pedestal designs.  But while Surefire's design reduces user installable options, it doesn't stop us from buying new lights, carving out metal, and installing custom components.  Provided we can locate the lights in the first place.  Long since discontinued and nearly impossible to find, we made strategic investments before and even after they disappeared. 

Heads with one of a kind heat sinks, cut from solid copper.  Bored flashlight heads, barely larger then the shell of a P60 drop in.  Bodies slimmed and polished for the best batteries.  Engineered tailcap shrouds so precise, they match the head diameter, millimeter for millimeter.  The result is a work of art, available never before or soon, since.  So special, we're starting off by showing you the inside:



Our primary focus was the E2e, giving us better supplies and more performace:


But we also produced a few E1e's, yielding the smallest kilolumen light we've ever shipped:


Making more shrouds than we have lights, small quantities will be available separately:


Extra Notes:

Complete E1 and E2 lights are handmade by Tom, one at a time.  Batches are small and supplies will be limited for at least a month.  We'll do our best to give multiple time zones a shot at the first few batches.  Supply/demand curves should cross in Oct/Nov, giving more people a shot.

H3 drop ins are again sold out, but work resumes on more after the 2nd E Triple batch.  More should be ready before October.

All Peak models are now available with XPG2 heads.