Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 39. 

Everyone loves smaller and brighter, but it comes at a cost, less runtime.  When you're out in the field or just on a walk and the one battery in your best light runs out of steam, you need another.  That second cell is usually riding along exposed or is sitting at home in a drawer.  What's needed is a light weight, secure tube, attached to you or your gear, with a second charged battery inside.  Open it and the light, swap cells, close, and go.  Keep as many of just about any size battery as you might need, within reach.

Available in 3 sizes, for everything from a single 16340 and 18350:


to 18500 and 17500:


to 18650, 17670, and dual 18350:


Of course, it wouldn't be Oveready if we didn't overdue something.  So every cap is carved out deeply enough to house a 14mm liquid compass (resistant to 9 meters by itself!).  Add it to your Capsule (right in the options) and you'll always know where you are going:



Extra Notes:

Check out the new Oveready Forum on CPF, including FAQ thread.

XPG2 Moddoolar Heads (including a new H1 model) are due to hit our door step this weekend.  Also to be available in Slim Pocket form.

Our new shorter Peak Mule Head is the smoothest flood ever.  Ready to ship in Eiger and Logan sizes in both Nichia and XP-G2 LED's.

Peak Eiger Shaved Stainless Steel bodies are now ready to ship in several models.  Just check the body menu.