Welcome to the 4th OVEREADY Insider.  Its been a matter of days since the 3rd update and we already have more great stuff to share:

More Triple/60’s are due to be available on or before Saturday.  And along with them, a special surprise to join the Triple in the new LED Light Engine section...

We’ve wanted to offer 1000+ focused lumens and playing with the options, decided what’s needed is a P/C/Z compatible mini turbo head with a single, high powered LED.  The result is an M2 bezel, with a custom heatsink and custom reflector, sealed behind factory glass.  Availabile in cool or neutral, the directly driven SST-50, runs off a single 18650/2600 (only) and requires our Zero Resistance tailcap for full output.  Here's a preview:


These will be available preassembled as complete heads or complete turnkey flashlights: