Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 40.  We spent much of 2012, preparing for 2013.  Tonight we release the first fruit of these efforts. 

Almost as soon as there was Oveready, there was the M2-50.  An SST-50, installed deep inside an M2 bezel, with a reflector wider and taller than the P60 format allows, reaching all the way up to the lens.  The result was a remarkable amount of output and throw, in a package not much larger than a standard light, a kind of mini turbo head.  The reason for creating the original ZeroRez, its also the only direct drive LED we've offered and the only light featured at the top of the Insider page.

Today, we introduce the M2-XML2-DD, in all black HA, C2 and 6P formats:






When creating a second set of Moddoolar bodies, we introduced a 20mm body.  A bit of an enigma, it was literally, to short to hold any battery in existence (then or now).  But combined with our ZeroRez Shorty, it was perfect for an 18350, for those willing to go 100% twisty.  And it turned out that many are, for such an extreme result - so short it looks like a head connected to a tail.  So how do you improve on something that relies on so much thread to thread movement?  Replace aluminum with the same self lubricating brass we use in our McClicky Ring.  The result is rotation so smooth, you'll think it was made of butter:




Extra Notes:

Last winter, we shipped several boxes of custom lights to a movie production.  Our lights ended up solving their portable lighting problem and are now featured - through much of the movie.  The trailer is already out, click here for details, including stills of these lights in action.

Neutral XPG2 Malkoff's are now available in M31 and M61 models

ZeroRez are again ready to ship

Surefire E2C adapters are again ready to ship

E Series Shrouds (Z57/Z61) are ready to ship, in copper and brass

The first ever Z57/Z61 compatible McClicky switches are ready to ship

Spacers and sleeves are ready to ship, including 3 aluminum models

AW 18650 are now available in 3400 capacity