Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 41.  Despite a few surprises, development contintued across several fronts.  So much so, that this may be the largest Insider ever. 

First up is a new drop in.  Last year saw development of the smallest mule ever.  We now have the first mule drop in, carved out of solid brass.  Designed and built by one of our favorite customers (a first), the higher LED shelf means even more solid metal underneith, keeping your LED cool in the harshest evironments.  Presenting the Silva P60 Mule:



Of course, dropins are more fun when you have something to put them into.  We've been working on colors for some time and decided to try color HA.  If you like them, we have an entire batch of 6P, 9P, C2, and Z2 waiting to join this initial run:



While we're on hosts, there are two companies making them specific for Malkoff drop ins, and we have them both.  In Oveready tradition, each is a bit better than stock.  Presenting the first bored ElZetta hosts:



Gene makes his own hosts too, already bored.  So we added our trademark GID paint.  We've made fewer than 10 of both models (combined), so move fast if you want one:



Ronac is expanding his line up, with his first custom body.  A direct replacement for the 17mm Fury body provided by SF, this puts 18650's right where you want them:



The ZeroRez Shorty is back, with an improved shelf, for compatibility with CR123A's, that have a recessed negative contact plate:



The original ZeroRez is also back:



Working to keep up with shipping requirements, we found these clever little battery capsules.  We've had requests, so they are now sold separately:



For certain applications, Malkoff dropins don't quite reach as far down as they need to.  Enter the spring washer, flexible connectivity where ever you need it.  These are helful with E2C adapters and even the VME head:



Our Triple drop in is often powered by a pair of 18350's.  But one large charger (or 2 small ones) is bulky.  When you need something smaller for two cells, there is now the 138:



Our Sleeves and Spacers section continues to grow and now features 4 sizes of aluminum, covered and not:



The McClicky switch fits into many things, but the Z57/Z61 clicky switch found on late model E1 and E2 was not one of them.  Until now:



Need a little tailstanding with your E1 or E2.  The Z68 gets you there:



Extra Notes:

Triple X300's are again ready to ship, featuring the first XPG2's, ever.

Moddoolar parts are now available on their own page.

We are in the process of upgrading the QTC setups on our entire Peak store.  Stock levels will return to normal when we are ready!

Want your current P2X (fury) or Elzetta body bored for 18650?  Watch our Services Thread for details.