Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 43. 

We were asked recently, since our lights look so good, would they stand up to heavy use.  As everything we build is specifically for heavy use (tough before all else), we were surprised by this.  But that does leave the question, how good would a light look if we actually tried to make it so?  Presenting the Moddoolar Pocket Stubby, with Bezel Ring, Shorty Body, Triad Tail, and ZR Shorty, carved from solid brass and carefully hand polished to a smooth bright luster.  Everything you love about the Stubby, only more:



Long time Insiders may be noting a tailcap not seen in a while.  The legendary Triad has features found in no other tailcap, but creating those features exceeds the machining capability of most shops.  We originally found a way around this with a unique two step process. And it worked the first time, but the second batch was not so lucky.  For batch three, we chose to find and invest in a shop with a new level of capability, cutting metal from any directon and at any angle.  The result takes time, but we think is worth it, giving us a better finish than we've ever had, along with the capability to 'turn' new metals.  Presenting the hand polished, Brass Triad:


We make many things from brass, but the first was the McClicky adapter for Z41 tailcaps.  The first and last choice in easy / reliable Z41 upgrades. It works in most tailcaps now available, including many created for it.  But Surefire did something different with their Lawman R1, using a much larger body and a dual diameter tailcap.  Like the Z41, they only come in twisty, and like the Z41, some LEOs prefer clicky's at the tail.  Presenting the McClicky adapter for R1 tailcaps, the first and last choice in easy / reliable R1 tailcap upgrades:





Insider 40 introduced the first C2 XML2.  But they went fast and we can make no more (in black).  We have a few natural C2 remaining and have combined them with vintage/ribbed XML2  heads, creating a new custom light:



HDS have been effectively out of productoin since 2011.  With a bit of luck, we have secured a small supply of their latest clicky and Rotary models.  All clickys have Nichia 219 with at least 90 CRI and all Rotary have cool XPG2:


Peak has developed mightly over the last year.  We've held off announcments, waiting for everything to be ready, but this is no longer practical.  So starting with the Logan, 123 and 17500 models are ready to ship with a variety of LEDs, in both optic and mule heads.  Also included is a new 2.1 QTC pill, more secure inside the body - keeping the pill where it belongs.  Pages are updated to show all options and Momentary switches are now exclusive to their own page:



The guages introduced in Insider 39 have developed a following.  It turns out that most tiny gauges you might purchase don't actually function, like compasses that wont turn!  So we've had requests to offer them separately.  Presenting quality temperature and compass units, ready for installation in a variety of applications:





High quality ORings are difficult to find and more so in quantities less than 100.  Its also impossible to order online in such a way that you don't have to buy many sizes just to get the one you want.  So we decided to change all that.  Presenting the ORing Store - easy selection and even easier purchasing.  Exactly the size or sizes, you need.  Download a PDF template, print it out on the supported paper sized, and see just what size is right for you: 


Extra Notes:
Peak Eigers are still being upgraded.  We hope to have them ready in time for Insider 44.

The factory making Nano chargers has closed down.  Any Nanos still online, are likely from a 2nd factory, making a couterfit design.  Use them with caution.  What we still have is the last from the original factory and the last we will carry.